WE HAVED MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE HAVE MOVED THE BLOG TO A DRIFFERENT HOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://zach94.blogspot.com



Well All My Friends Have Been Telling Me To Get My Blog Back. lol So I Did!!! YAY! So Anyways Yah…I Cant Wait Untill The 9th. Thats Because My Brotha Micah Is Visiting From Cali For X-Mas!! We Are Going To Play A Lot Of Disc Golf…Atleast I Hope!! Going to  Throw Some Plastic! lol. But Yah Some Of You May Be Wondering…..’I Didnt Know That Zach Had A Brother..’ lol Micah Isnt My ‘REAL’ Brother. Micah And I Are Just Buds. So That Doses Make Us Brothas! lol. Well I Will Update More Later On What Has Happend Since I Last Update! Layter! pCe!

Disc Golf

My Favorite Song!!!!

Zach R. 🙂

Innovation Info

Well I know Alot of you have been hearing about ‘Innovative Productions’. I just wanted to let every one know that Our first Flash Cartoon will hopefuly be done soon! One Of the other admins/creators of innovative is my good friend Darren! He Is Working on the cartoon as we speak!! Also My Friend Nick Is Helping!! But yah if you need to contact one of the admin of this blog, or some one from Innovation feel free! The Contact Info……….. Continue reading ‘Innovation Info’


YAY!! My Blog Has Reached 100 visitors!! I have only had it up for 4 days! You Might notice that my first post was in August of 2006, that’s because I imported my old blogger.com blog to my *NEW* WordPress blog! Truly WordPress is probably one of the best blog hosts you can find! They truly do have great features, layouts, and a lot of options that are customizable! But yah never-mind about that lol! Well yah i have watching the news latly, and they were talking about how North Korea tested a Nuke underground! Thats some messed up stuff! Now That the U.S knows that N.Korea Had Nuclear power, he need to preparer for the worst! Because In My Opinon, I dont think N.Korea is afraid to bomb the U.S. But They Would probly bomb Japan First is anyone. But Enough about the news!! Well School Today Was alright i guess. I didnt really get any home work! Well yah i better go…i will post l8er! pCe!!


Yes!! The Weekend!

Well Finally It’s the weekend!! Today At School Want So bad. 🙂 I mean we really didnt do anything. It was a little different of a day because our Subjects changed their times. Plus There is a new part time teacher for reading, so it kinda screws up the day. But anyways i am  bord right now!! 🙂 Well yah we also just got a new printer!! Wit A Scanner!! So Later I will Be Scanning up all of my drawings!! I will pot them on a new page on the site! I will edit some of them in PhotoShop. Also I am trying to get thoses videos from my friend Ben…he is still getting them all together,so they should be ready soon! Well Untill then i will post later when i get more stuff up and running on the site!!


PSP Krazzy!

Wll I have been helping out this Guy with his PSP website…Its Cool!!! Check it out!
http://freewebs.com/asnw PSP KRAZZY!

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My Blog

Well This is My new Blog, I use to use my myspace for my blog. But I guess I will Use Both.
anyways You can Check out my myspace at http://myspace.com/dark94 And If you Dont Have a Myspace….THEN GET ONE!!! Its The Best!!!
Well I will post more later to you guys about me!! 🙂

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